Rubber/LSR Runnerless System


当社は熱可塑性プラスチックのランナーレスメーカ先駆者として集積し続けた技術を駆使しこの度、 今まで不可能とされていたゴムと液状シリコーンインジェクション(射出成形)用'完全'コールドランナシステムを開発致しました。

Operating Cycle

Operating cycle

Structural drawing

Structural drawing


  • The perfect runnerless molding system avoids any runner waste.
    Material cost, scrap fee, secondary man-hour can be greatly reduced. This ecological environment-conscious system will greatly lighten your responsibility for the industrial waste.
  • It is available for all kinds of rubber material.
  • It features simple construction.
    This maintenance-free system can be applied not only for new molds but also for the existing molds as easy retrofit.
  • Its pneumatic drive system cost very low to run the system.
  • It is possible to do nozzle-touch molding.
    It avoids drooling at the nozzle and avoids scorching trouble at the nozzle-touch.
  • Gate position and gate size can be selected at will.
    By its active gate-shut-off mechanism, gate size can be selected at will to realize the minimum pressure loss.
  • The touch panel controller realizes high operational performance. It features real-indication of each action which enables easy process observation.

Materials are available for download.
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