Quality Policy


We, Seiki Corporation place customer satisfaction above anything else and strive for upgrading our products and services.

Quality Policy

To contribute to society by achieving high customer satisfaction from our products and services.
As an all-round manufacturer in plastics and rubber resource-saving devices

June 24, 2019
President, Seiki Corporation
Yoshihiro Honda

Our Product Warranty

Every Seiki product supplied from our factory has been manufactured according the strictest quality control processes and has passed stringent inspection before being delivered to you. We are confident that each customer will be fully satisfied with our products. If any of our products should malfunction under normal use by our customers, and within the terms of our standard warranty as shown below, we will provide replacement or repair of that product without charge.

warranty period
Name of Product Conditions of Warranty
Probe VALVE SYSTEM For electrical defects, up to 1 year or (*1) 1 million shots, whichever comes first, starting from the date of delivery to the customer (to delivery address specified by the customer).
Controller Up to 1 year, starting from the date of delivery to the customer (to delivery address specified by the customer).
Hothalf For electrical defects and for material leakage, up to 1 year or (*1) 1 million shots, whichever comes first, starting from the date of delivery to the customer (to delivery address specified by the customer).

*1: The number of shots will be based on the count reported by the customer.

The Warranty will not apply if any of the following apply:
  1. The customer has failed to provide the proper environment for the operation and storage of the product, as prescribed by Seiki in the usage manuals (such as "Mold Design Guide," "Instruction Manual"), or if the customer has made modifications to the product.
  2. Wear items such as O-rings (metal, etc.) oil bushings, backup rings, tip bushings, fuses, connector pins, louver filters.
  3. Products that have exceeded the warranty period
  4. Defects resulting from disaster such as fire, earthquake, lightning, storm, flood, or external factors such as electrical supply irregularities.
  5. Upon inspection of the product by Seiki, if the cause of defect is determined to be clearly due to inappropriate use of the product by the customer.
  6. The original function of the product has been impaired due to the use of resin emitting metal corrosive gas
  1. If molding reinforced material, please consult a Seiki sales representative. Our product line includes products suitable for abrasive resins.

Commitment to environmental issues


We, Seiki Corporation, as a part of global citizens, intensely work on environmental load reduction and life’s diversity conservation activities with combined efforts.

Environment Policy

Fundamental principle

We, Seiki Corporation, are committed to engaging in global environment conservation activities by manufacturing and distributing runnerless equipment for plastic and rubber molding, namely the best energy-saving and resource-saving systems. We regard the environmental management as our top-priority issue, and we hereby declare the Environment Policy which we will be reviewing whenever necessary for the sake of continuous improvement.

Environment Policy
  1. We will establish Environmental Management System based on ISO14001 and promote relevant environmental management activities.
  2. We will observe environmental laws and regulations, and environmental agreements on which we have agreed.
  3. From a viewpoint of resource conservation and environmental load reduction, we set up our high-priority management matters as following.
    1) We promote reduction in the amount of waste material and increase in the use of reusable resource.
    2) While we promote saving of resource and saving of energy of our own, we also help our customers save their resource and energy and reduce waste material by taking advantage of using our products.
    3) We protect and prevent from pollutant emission and environmental disturbances.
  4. We aim for living in harmony with our community through active participation in related area activities.
  5. To surely implement this Environment Policy, each and all departments of the company set out objective and target, and review them on a regular schedule.
  6. We call all our employees’ attention to this Environment Policy by conducting relevant education, exercises, awareness campaigns. And we disclose it openly to outside the company as well.

Yoshihiro Honda



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