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Since starting our operation in 1954, as a pioneer in runnerless equipment, we have been determinedly addressing and devotedly working on every challenge in the field of plastic injection molding to contribute high profitability to many customers all around the world.

We fully optimize the usage of all business resources available to us such as extensive technical achievements, outstanding know-how, technical capabilities, planning ability, proposal techniques, which we have accumulated through our long business history in an effort to expand our business operations over the global field.

As a manufacturer of runnerless equipment, namely the best energy-saving and resource-saving systems, we are committed to engaging in global environment conservation activities to contribute to the world’s major issue, such as promoting a low carbon society, a recycling-oriented society, a society coexisting with nature - we think it is our company’s primary social responsibility. Moreover, we will create new value, improve customers’ trust and satisfaction and create a brilliant future - we believe that it is our true mission.

President Yoshihiro Honda

Yoshihiro Honda

Corporate motto

Let’s create tomorrow.

Corporate principle

We always value trust, and act with sincerity. To create new value, we optimize the usage of all business resources available to us by providing customers with runnerless equipment for rubber and plastics which are the best energy-saving and resource-saving systems. We strive to improve customers’ trust and satisfaction and to create a brilliant future - which is deemed as our mission.

As a member of the KISCO Group, we - Seiki Corporation - will carry out our mission and aim for high quality management of worldwide standards. Here, we declare that each employee will always observe the rules, with honesty, in the quality of engaged tasks, maintaining a worldly outlook, while aiming to be the global leader and continuously work hard.

Mission statement on quality of our management

Implementation guide
1.Creating absolute value and our company’s social responsibility
We will create absolute value by fulfilling what our customers need in an effort to carry out our mission.
2.Upgrading customer satisfaction
We will clarify what we need to do for us to upgrade customer satisfaction. And to surely conduct this upgrade we will construct a framework of high quality management organization (Quality Management System).
3.Progress of ourselves
We will always be conscious of quality of our work. Our every single employee will aim for his or her progress, exercise daily diligence in maintaining customer satisfaction.
4.Improving business operations
We will routinely review and improve our business outline and procedures to pursue further quality work performance.

To upgrade our quality of management in conformity to this implementation guide we will take repeated course of action: set a goal and then attain the goal. Moreover, we will promote further technological developments of our originality. Seeking a new possibility, we will create a brilliant future in collaboration with our customers.


Policy on Business Conduct

Seiki Corporation is committed to contributing to society through providing products and services with supreme emphasis on customer satisfaction.
We are devoted to working together with our customers under our corporate motto “Let’s create tomorrow.” to solve their problems. We are determined to provide and propose the most appropriate information, technologies, products and services. Our objective is to create a brilliant future together and to feel customers’ satisfaction as our own satisfaction.
In order to implement the above-mentioned ideas, we have set up the following Policy on Business Conduct.

1.We develop business activities by providing our products and services with supreme emphasis on customer satisfaction.
We place the highest importance on faithfulness, considering the customer’s utmost satisfaction as our top priority. We provide information, technologies, products and services, with due consideration of quality, cost, delivery time and the environment.
2.We observe social rules.
We respect social and ethical rules, observe each country’s laws and act fair and square at all times. We observe Environment Policy as far as environmentally-related regulations are concerned.
3.We respect the individuality of all employees and provide equal opportunities.
We pursue a relationship of mutual respect with our employees, and offer them equal opportunity and fair treatment in the workplace.
4.We deal with environmental problems positively and proactively based on our Environment Policy.
In order to preserve our one and only planet's environment, we regard it as our mission to develop new technology to the best of our knowledge and capabilities, and pledge ourselves to act accordingly.